The majority of ChemQuest Africa ( Pty) Ltd is owned by the French Company SPCM SA, which is the parent of the well known SNF Floerger Company. We are the African part of the Global Business of SNF, and African Mining Companies receive the same products, prices and service as mines do from SNF anywhere else in the world.

The Chemicals we offer are used in the processing of metal ores, to extract their metal values. We specialise in supplying performance chemicals which are reagents with unique compositions and their individual specific influences on the metallurgical processes in which they are used.


We provide chemicals safely and onsite technical service to customers to assist them in using our products efficiently to maximise the metallurgical benefits to each individual mine site.


We offer a range of performance and commodity chemicals including SNF flocculants, CLARIANT frothers and specialty collectors, PJAC activated carbon and 3M acid mist supressants.


Technical service from our metallurgical staff on operational mine sites, safety management on our chemicals to the operational site employees and chemical dosing and make up plants.